Fee Schedule

Our hourly rate is $425/hour. A non-refundable administrative fee of $50 is due when scheduling the mediation.  Each party will be assigned a prorated share of the fees, unless agreed to otherwise in advance of scheduling a hearing. The hourly fee for the estimated and scheduled hearing time in addition to the administrative fee shall be paid in advance of the hearing date. Such fees will be the joint and several obligation of all counsel. Please note that counsel, not  the  represented  party,  has  contracted  for the neutral’s services. Accordingly, counsel will be held responsible for payment of all charges associated with the neutral’s services in this matter.

Administrative Fees

The Pokorny Mediations non-refundable administrative fee is assessed once a hearing has been scheduled on your case. Each party is responsible for this fee, even in the event of a timely cancellation.

Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy

Notice of cancellation must be submitted to our office in writing. Fees will be billed to the requesting party unless otherwise agreed upon.

Half Day Matter (4 hours or less) Full Day Matter Multi Day Matter
Notice of less than 7 days Full Payment Required Full Payment Required Full Payment Required
Notice of 7 – 14 days $200 Full Payment Required Full Payment Required
Notice of 15 – 30 days $0 $0 Full Payment Required
Notice of 31 days or more $0 $0 $0


We are happy to assist counsel with rescheduling a hearing. If appropriate notice is given, there is no continuance fee for the first rescheduling. For the second rescheduling and thereafter, if appropriate notice is provided, a $100 continuance fee is billed per change.