“Jim has a way with people that is special and unique. You either have it or you don’t. The ability to listen and communicate in a manner that facilitates negotiations between parties is the key to resolving disputes, plain and simple.”

“Jim has been a professional problem solver for nearly forty years, since he finished law school. Those of us in the legal profession have watched his career as an attorney and are now excited about the shift of his practice from representing litigants to acting as a neutral party who utilizes innovative dispute resolution strategies to resolve problems.”

“Litigation is a dreaded process which can be costly, cumbersome, and unpredictable in its outcome. More people are taking advantage of alternate dispute resolution as a less expensive and more effective means of bringing about fair resolutions of problems. Jim has the tools to facilitate such resolution.”

“Jim is personable and well liked in the legal profession. He has been involved in thousands of legal matters and knows first hand about the toll that litigation can take on people. His goal is to take that toll out of the equation and to facilitate negotiations in moving the parties to a fair, speedy and economical resolution.”

“Jim has handled a multitude of legal cases over the years, the majority of which he has been able to resolve without resorting to actual courtroom trials. He is now taking this skill to the mediation arena where he can artfully assist in negotiating settlements of difficult legal matters.”